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Tell me more about eSimCard

eSim profile that you can monetisewith no upfront commitment. Plus we have all the eSIM-enabling infrastructure you need to make eSIM services simple to roll-out for a seamless customer experience. Connect to our platform API and bulk order eSIM profiles for fast, easy QR code delivery and activation by our customers. And because ordering is on a pay-as-you-go basis, you won't get tied in. Zero setup fees-no subscription.
The eSIM Go technology approach is built for flexibility, speed and scale using market-leading components and multi-network, multi-country eSIM coverage you can tailor to your precise needs!

eSimCard enabling the travel industry to capitalise on the eSIM revolution quickly and easily. Our platform combines the best rates with eSIM QR code delivery. Travel brands can connect via our API to start delivering great eSIM offers to customers on their websites and apps within days!

The management team behind eSimCard are telecoms experts with 18+ years of leadership experience in the global mobile industry.
We've grown-up-digital as the market has accelerated its adoption of new, dynamic business models and technologies, and see the mass emergence of eSIM as a significant opportunity for the travel industry between now and 2025.
We identified eSIM as a game changer long before the operators. The opportunity to supply connectivity to anyone in the world within just minuteswould revolutionise the way telco services are sold. No messy SIM cards, no logistics, no losing your number and a greener solution for the planet!

How does eSimCard work?

Very competitively Our customer vary in size, some purchasing hundreds or thousands of eSIM profile QR codes at a time, and some at lower volumes. Naturally, there are economics of scale when buying in larger bulk. Remember, the cost covers not just each eSIM profile itself but also our QR code delivery system and API access that makes it all possible!

An eSIM profile is a virtual profile with stored subscription information and network settings. Each eSIM profile allows the user processing it to connect to the corresponding mobile network and consume whatever data package they've been allocated!

Defining and ordering your eSIMs couldnt be easier to all driven by our 24/7 self-service platform that allows you to configure exactly what you need and purchase for immediate delivery with no upfront commitment. eSIMCARD lets you customise eSIM bundles to your precise needs rather than just list options. And if you need help, just ask one of our experts. You can also connect your website back-end to our platform API to make delivering eSIM to your customers even easier!

By becoming an esIMCARD customer! We'll publish our API to you on your first order We'll ask you to complete an NDA, which is standard practice!

eSIMCARD uses the latest QR code push technology to activate your customers services without you having to do a thing. Once you've decided what eSIM profiles you want (territory, data limit, time period, etc.) we'll reserve them on our infrastructure and give you the QR codes to unlock them. Your users just scan the QR code on their device and they're ready to go!

We have hundreds of variations based on network, geo-coverage, GB per month and duration. Choose from countries and regions around the world,and order from 10s to 1000s of eSIM profiles and bundles at a time
If you cannot find what you need please talk to us. Our platform is fully flexible and we are constantly adding new connectivity partners to our portfolio.Tell me more about eSIMs!

Tell me more about eSIMs

The replacement for SIM cards. eSIM is an 'embedded SIM That means everything you needed a SIM card for can be stored and updated onto the device itself. No more plastic SIM cards getting lost or damaged. No more jamming paperclips into the side of your €500-1,000 phone.

eSIM is the opportunity for travel companies to extend their ownership of the customer relationship by providing mobile data services dynamically, at good margin, under their Own brand and part of a fantastic digital customer experience
eSIM's mass-market availability in billions of devices makes this a reality. Another driver is the post-Brexit reintroduction of EU roaming charges that make it even more important for UK travellers to access the best mobile data deals when travelling abroad!

That really depends on the handset. For example, the iPhone 12 allows you 10 to be stored at once But only one eSIM profile can be used at a time Phones with SIM card slots enable you to use one regular SIM card profile and one eSIM profile sinmultaneously This is called 'Dual SIM with an eSIM'.

No, but the evolution of eSIM and 5G functionality is linked The average retail price of an eSIM smartphone is €800. reflecting the fact that 40% of them are also 5G capable. However, Apple and Google have both recently launched sub-€500 eSIM phones-that's important because half of operators see the €500 price tag as the tipping point for mass 5G smartphone adoption. 5G is seen as a key driver for smartphone upgrades over the coming years, opening the way for faster eSIM penetration The next oeneration of 5G devices also needs to maximise space for antennae and batteries, making getting rid of traditional SIM trays a priority. This is likely to accelerate the launch of more eSIM-only smartphones in future too. eSIMCARD plans to offer 5G solutions in 2022.

eSIM-only phones are still quite rare. If anything it's even simpler with no SIM cards at all. Users switch between profiles the same way.

The numbers are rising fast At least 175 mobile service providers have commercial eSIM offerings in over 69 countries (as at end of 2020)- developed markets lead the way, with 41% of the total in Europe. All mobile operators in the UK. France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the US, Canada and Australia have now launched eSIM services for smartphones. 909% of mobile operators worldwide intend to offer eSIM services by 2025. By the same year, the GSMA forecasts 2.4 billion eSIM smartphone connections globally.

As at the end of 2020, there were 110 eSIM-enabled consumer device models (smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets), 25 of which are Apple. iPads have supported eSIM for some time, and the same is true of iPhone XR, XS, 11, 12 and the latest SE model. Google Pixel phones support eSIM, as does the Samsung range. Other brands and devices include the Microsoft Surface Duo, Huawei P40, Lenovo Yoga, HP Spectre Folio and Motorola Razr

The short answer is that those services will still work, unless the user chooses to configure their phone not to. The device's operating system shows how to select SIM profiles as primary or secondary, meaning users can predefine how to make and receive calls/SMS and consume data. They can even have two phone numbers pointing at the same phone-these settings are very easy to change if needed.

Unless you're a mobile operator or committed MVNO, physical SIM cards have traditionally made it too difficult to offer viable mobile data services.
Now travel and hospitality brands have much to gain from leveraging esIM technology, increasing customer transaction value and frequency, and
The beauty of eSIM is that it sits alongside your customers' own home SIM cards. So they dont lose their number, they don't have to swap SIM cardsand most devices will allow the eSIM and home SIM to be active at the same time, alloWing your customer to use the eSIM for the all-important data and still pick up their calls.

Just a few changes to the phone settings that all eSIM-enabled phones support with ease, eSIM Go enables data plans to be pushed to a phone userSimply by scanning a QR code. From purchase to installed and active in as little as 30 seconds

Really easy. All eSIM-enabled phones have been designed to allow users to make use of their capabilities and prevent them accidentally configuring their phone the wrong way

Hundreds of millions, if not billions. 32 million were shipped in 2020 in Western Europe alone. Samsung shipped more than 200 milion worldwide in2020. eSIM shipments grew 83% in 2020 and esIM profile downloads increased 300% over the same period. eSIM service is commercially available formore than 2 billion mobile users.