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Check if your phone is eSIM Compatible

As you feel the need to use eSIM on your phone, the first question that arises is: does your mobile support eSIMs? And do eSIM-compatible devices work in all regions worldwide?

Some phones that support eSIM technology

  • iPhone XS and Later
  • Pixel 4 and Later
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 - S23 Series
  • Huawei P40 and Later
All eSIM-compatible phones

eSIM for International Travel: Stay connected, Roam freely

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Why eSIMCard’s eSIM?


eSIMCard - The Future of Connectivity

eSIMCard is a revolutionary mode of digital communication. As a leading esim carrier, we are at the forefront of this technology. Our virtual sim card solution offers unique features that set us apart. With eSIMCard, you're adopting a future where connectivity is seamless, secure, and versatile.


Borderless Communication with eSIMCard

In a globalized world, borderless communication is necessary. eSIMCard is your gateway to this reality. Our eSIM offers global esim options and international esim solutions that erase geographical boundaries.


eSIMCard offers Effortless Connectivity

Experience effortless connectivity with eSIMCard. You can buy esim online in just a few clicks, which simplifies the purchase and activation process. Our approach to connectivity is all about ease and convenience, which ensures that you get connected without any struggle.


eSIMCard - Your Travel Companion

eSIMCard is a handy travel companion which offers services in over 190+ countries. We offer local, global, and regional eSIM options. If you're looking for an esim for international travel or travel in general, eSIMCard covers you.


Flexible & Budget-Friendly Plans

At eSIMCard, we believe in fulfilling every customer's needs. That's why we offer a variety of esim data plans that are flexible and budget-friendly. With eSIMCard, you're in control of your connectivity expenses, ensuring you get the best value for your money.


eSIMCard's App (Android & IOS)

To enhance your experience, eSIMCard has developed a user-friendly app for efficient esim management. Which eases the process of new plan activation, checking data usage, and seeking customer support. eSIMCard app possesses features like esim service activation and management.

How does eSIMCard eSIM work?

Your Personnel eSIM Carrier for Global Connectivity takes your Digital Communication to the next level. Buy Your eSIM Online from eSIMCard.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! eSIM is fantastic for travel. It lets you hop from one country to another without the hassle of swapping SIM cards. Plus, you get to enjoy local data rates!

eSIMCard is an excellent choice for travelers. It offers global, regional, and local eSIM options so that you can stay connected almost anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can! Setting up your eSIMCard before you start your journey is super easy. Just scan a QR code or enter the activation code provided by email, and you're all set to go.

eSIMCard has got you covered in nearly every corner of the globe, with coverage in over 190+ countries. While most countries support eSIM, checking if your destination is on the list is always good.

Many modern devices are eSIM compatible. This includes the latest iPhone series, Samsung Galaxy S20 to S23, Google Pixel 4 and later, and even some iPads. Check the list of all eSIM-supported devices.

Once you've installed your eSIMCard, you can check your device's network settings. You're good to go if it shows the network name and you've got signal bars!

While eSIM is widely accepted, a few places might still be catching up. Like use of eSIM in India and Russia is not common. It's best to check eSIMCard's country list on our website or app for the latest info.

What Our Customers Have to Say About eSIMCard

David Andrew

Jun 09,2023


"Right after landing in Barcelona, Spain, I activated my eSIMCard connection. It was a smooth experience, and immediate access to texts, WhatsApp, and more. I became a fan of unthrottled connectivity and affordable packages. I highly recommend eSIMCard for travelers."

John William

May 17,2023

Multiple Plans

"I enjoyed eSIMCard’s service during my visit to Europe. I traveled Europe with a single Regional eSIM plan. No High roaming charges and no change of plan during the entire tour. I am completely satisfied and will use it again."

Fajri H

Aug 23,2023

Ease of Internet Access

"I have recently traveled to Spain and used this esim service. This esim service was my lifesaver. It makes it easy to access the internet during my trip. If you're gonna travel abroad, I recommend this service."


Sep 25,2023

Big Savings

"This is the first pay-as-you-go eSIM I have ever used. After I got a stint of $60 for roaming in Turkey, I decided to discover some affordable alternatives, On my next trip to Uzbekistan, I used eSIMCard and found it very reasonable and had a good connection. I Recommend this eSIM for international travel."

Fergus E

Sep 23,2023


"I used to travel with local eSIM for every country. Then, I discovered their Global and Regional eSIM, with which I can travel to multiple countries with one package. Super Useful and genuinely exceptional. It's definitely a thing to keep and use again."

Amelia J

Aug 23,202

Excellent Customer Service

"At first, I felt frustrated when I had some issues with activation. But when I contacted their support team, I found out that the problem was on my side, Thanks to the clear instructions from the support team, my issue got resolved in minutes. After that, I experienced high-quality internet. Satisfied!"