Myanmar eSIM Key Features

  • Stay connected in Myanmar with fast, reliable 2G/3G/4G/ network
  • Your eSIM duration begins After first MB usage - not after purchase
  • Our eSIM data plans for Myanmar are affordable, starting at just $0.0
  • Pay only for the data you use. No hidden fee and roaming charges
  • Fast activation via QR code or manual setup
  • 24/7 - Active support team. We've got your back for any issue during your travel

About eSIMCard's Myanmar eSIM

Travel in Myanmar with confidence using our eSIM, your go-to choice for connectivity. In Myanmar, our eSIM keeps you connected with its fast 4G networks, ensuring that you're never out of touch. Our eSIM integrates effortlessly with your device, providing immediate connection as soon as you land. It's designed to work perfectly with a variety of smartphones and devices.Whether you're capturing the golden glint of Shwedagon Pagoda, sharing the bustling scenes of Yangon's markets, or navigating the serene waters of Inle Lake, our eSIM ensures you stay online and connected.

At eSIMCard we focused on ease. When you buy, you'll get your eSIM straight away by email, and a simple QR code for quick activation. If you prefer to set it up manually, that option is available too. We offer a range of affordable data plans, prepared to fulfill the needs of travelers in Myanmar. Our strength lies in our collaboration with leading Myanmar network providers, guaranteeing wide coverage and dependable service. Our commitment to your satisfaction, supported by a dedicated customer support team, always ready to help. Get ready to immerse yourself in the unique culture of Myanmar. With our eSIM for Myanmar, you're all set for a trouble-free journey.

Myanmar eSIM Compatible Devices

Our Virtual SIM Specifications

  • Internet Speed: 2G/3G/4G/
  • Tethering / Mobile Hotspot: Yes
  • Data Options: Multiple data options
  • Usage Duration: According to data plan you had chosen
  • Phone Number:No
  • Subscription Type: Prepaid
  • Text Messages: No
  • Voice Calls: No
  • Activation/Start-Up: Through QR Code and manual
  • Service Area: All over the Myanmar
  • Shipping: Via Email
  • Delivery Time: Just After Purchase
  • ID Required: No
  • Designed for: Travelers, Business Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, and Users in Remote Areas
  • Note: The eSIM will be sent directly to your email upon purchase
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How does eSIM Myanmar Work?

Search for “Myanmar” and Pick your data plan.


Buy a data plan

Search for your destination and pick any data pack

Step 1


Install the eSIM

Easy installation via QR code

Step 2


Activate your plan

Only Activate when you are ready to use data

Step 3

You will receive your eSIM Profile through e-mail or in the App

As soon as you complete your purchase, we’ll send you the instructions to install and activate your Myanmar eSIM. Get ready to enjoy affordable data during your travels.

We’ll share with you.

Installation instructions for QR code & Manual installation


Explore Top eSIM Advantages for Your Myanmar Journey


eSIM Myanmar offers a trouble-free experience with instant activation. eSIMCard also provides Easy setup for your eSIM, no physical handling is needed

Travel Friendly

Myanmar eSIM is travel-friendly for its high-speed data access at affordable rates without the burden of roaming charges. subscribe to local data plans in Myanmar easily

Instant delivery

eSIM Card gives Instant delivery to its users so they can use the Internet throughout Myanmar On the go

Dual Standby Mode

Local Myanmar eSIM provides you with affordable data and potentially You can keep your Home SIM Card active to receive important calls and messages

Affordable data plans

eSIM Card offers prepaid data plans to fit your budget. You only pay for the data you use. eSIMCard’s eSIM also provides Pay as You Go flexibility, so you don’t waste money on data you won’t use

24/7 Support

You can get assistance anytime, anywhere with our dedicated 24/7 customer support team. Reachable via email, WhatsApp or Live chat

eSIMCard User Reviews for Myanmar eSIM

David Andrew

Jun 09,2023


"Right after landing in Barcelona, Spain, I activated my eSIMCard connection. It was a smooth experience, and immediate access to texts, WhatsApp, and more. I became a fan of unthrottled connectivity and affordable packages. I highly recommend eSIMCard for travelers."

John William

May 17,2023

Multiple Plans

"I enjoyed eSIMCards service during my visit to Europe. I traveled Europe with a single Regional eSIM plan. No High roaming charges and no change of plan during the entire tour. I am completely satisfied and will use it again."

Fajri H

Aug 23,2023

Ease of Internet Access

"I have recently traveled to Spain and used this esim service. This esim service was my lifesaver. It makes it easy to access the internet during my trip. If you're gonna travel abroad, I recommend this service."


Sep 25,2023

Big Savings

"This is the first pay-as-you-go eSIM I have ever used. After I got a stint of $60 for roaming in Turkey, I decided to discover some affordable alternatives, On my next trip to Uzbekistan, I used eSIMCard and found it very reasonable and had a good connection. I Recommend this eSIM for international travel."

Fergus E

Sep 23,2023


"I used to travel with local eSIM for every country. Then, I discovered their Global and Regional eSIM, with which I can travel to multiple countries with one package. Super Useful and genuinely exceptional. It's definitely a thing to keep and use again."

Amelia J

Aug 23,202

Excellent Customer Service

"At first, I felt frustrated when I had some issues with activation. But when I contacted their support team, I found out that the problem was on my side, Thanks to the clear instructions from the support team, my issue got resolved in minutes. After that, I experienced high-quality internet. Satisfied!"