Become a Distribution/Reseller Partner

Become an eSIMCard Distribution or Reseller Partner to grow your business. By integrating our API into your website, you can easily sell eSIMs to your existing customers at your own prices, while buying from us at discounted prices.

Become a Partner

What does it mean to become a Distribution Partner?

Being a distribution partner with eSIMCard, You can resell our eSIMs to your existing Customers. Whether you’re a reseller, a travel agency owner, a small business or want to private label the eSIMs. Or anybody in the telecommunications, travel, or IoT Space, Can join our Partner Program.

Have a different Business model? We are available to chat and guide you if there is an opportunity to partner with us for you.

Features of the Distribution Partner Program

White Label eSIM Store

Launch Your Own eSIM Store to Sell eSIMs with Your Brand Identity with a white label eSIM store feature.

Wholesale pricing

Get competitive wholesale rates with exclusive volume discounts and wholesale pricing. Create data packages that suit your audience.

Reseller Connectivity Dashboard

Track your Sales, Customer Activity, Usage Trends, and Customer Experience in one place.

eSIMCard Distributor Connectivity Dashboard Features

One Dedicated Dashboard where you can manage customers, monitor data usage, and gain valuable insights

  • Easy to Manage Reseller Dashboard
  • Custom Data Packages
  • Real-time Data Usage & Billing
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics
  • Usage Reports & Analytics
  • API Integration
  • Top-up Account
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Run Successful Distribution Business

White Label eSIM Store

You can sell eSIMs under your own brand name, choosing the pricing yourself. Integrate it through API on your Website, Distributor Dashboard

Process Payments safely

Process your Payments with eSIMCard for improved acceptance rates. Standard rates and fees apply.

Customer Support for End User

eSIMCard will handle all the customer support matters for you. Charges applied.

Become a Distribution Partner with eSIMCard eSIM

Become an eSIM Distributor with eSIMCard, a leading eSIM Provider with Coverage in 190+ Countries. Provide your customers with the Best Global Connectivity options with Local, Regional, and Global eSIM Data Plans.

Join our growing network and benefit from our expertise. With competitive wholesale rates, Connectivity API, Reseller Dashboard, and a dedicated support team.

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Do you want to become a distribution or reseller partner? Simply fill out the form below with details about your business. We’ll get to you within the next 24 Hours.

You will use these credentials to log in to the portal, so please make sure you remember them.

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Frequently asked questions

After you fill out the form and provide us with the information, Like the Legal Company name and your requirements, our team will contact you and you will be asked to sign an NDA. Once the NDA is signed, we will plan the launch of your service.

You remain in control of your data. We never share it. We utilize industry-leading security to safeguard all user information. In compliance with regulations, we maintain records solely for tracking connection details like time, data usage (MB), and cellular provider use.

Yes, eSIMCard offers various Regional and Global data plans. These plans cover multiple countries of certain regions

Once your customer purchases an eSIM, we generate a convenient QR code. Retrieve them automatically through our API or shopping cart integrations, and easily deliver them to your customer by email or within your website/app. Alternatively, access the QR codes anytime in the Connectivity Dashboard for copying or downloading.

Most newer smartphones, as well as iPads, and many other devices are now eSIM ready. Check the eSIM Device List to see if your devices are compatible.