Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone number services offer a flexible way to manage calls and messages. Ideal for both personal and business use. Choose a virtual number today to simplify your communication needs, and keep your personal and business lives separate and secure.

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Top Countries of eSIMCard's Virtual Number Service

Virtual phone numbers offer a flexible, cost-effective solution for global communication.

United States

$ 1/ Month


$ 1.5/ Month

Hong Kong

$ 20.9/ Month


$ 6/ Month


$ 2.5/ Month

United Kingdom

$ 1.5/ Month

eSIMCard Virtual Numbers

The ideal Solution for uninterrupted connectivity.

Features of eSIMCard’s Virtual Phone Number


Cost-Effective Connectivity

Cuts international call costs, Maintain quality


Two-way Communication

Send and receive messages and calls easily


Flexible Payment

Secure payment method, accept cards


24/7 Customer Support

Always available, quick response team


Transparent Conditions

No hidden charges, straightforward costs


User-friendly Interface

Intuitive design, supports multiple languages

Steps to Get Virtual Phone Number from eSIMCard

To get a virtual phone number from EsimCard, follow these easy steps:

Go To Calling

Access the calling section in your dashboard

Buy Numbers

Click on 'Buy Numbers' to view options

Choose Country

Select the desired country for your virtual number

Select and Activate

Pick and activate your chosen number

Why eSIMCard Stands Out for Virtual Phone Numbers

eSIMCard is renowned as the top choice for acquiring a virtual phone number, known for its quick and simple process that grants immediate access. This service is ideal for various needs:

  • Global Reach: With the option to buy virtual phone numbers from multiple countries, eSIMCard is perfect for achieving worldwide connectivity.
  • SMS Functionality The service includes virtual phone number SMS features, ensuring comprehensive connectivity through both voice and text.
  • Business-Friendly: The virtual business phone number service from eSIMCard is especially beneficial for companies looking to maintain a professional image.

In addition to these features, eSIMCard significantly enhances your communication capabilities.

Overall, the virtual phone numbers from eSIMCard present a flexible, cost-effective, and all-encompassing solution, streamlining your international communication needs effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual mobile number is a phone number that operates via the internet, rather than being tied to a specific physical phone line or SIM card. Unlike regular phone numbers, virtual numbers offer greater flexibility, allowing users to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, often at lower costs and with added features like number forwarding.

Yes, EsimCard's virtual phone numbers are ideal for business use. They provide a professional and efficient way to manage calls, especially for businesses with international clients or remote teams.

Having a second phone number offers numerous benefits, such as enhanced privacy, separate lines for personal and professional use, and the ability to have local numbers in different countries, which can be more accessible and cost-effective for clients in those regions.

Yes, EsimCard's virtual phone numbers are capable of receiving SMS messages, providing a comprehensive communication solution.

  • Make sure you sign up with EsimCard before starting
  • Access the calling section in your dashboard
  • Click on 'Buy Numbers' to view options
  • Select the desired country for your virtual number
  • Pick and activate your chosen number

The process to get a virtual phone number from EsimCard is the same as the activation process mentioned above.

The cost varies, starting from as low as $2.4, depending on the country and specific plan chosen.

What Our Customers Have to Say About eSIMCard

John Smith

Jul 09,2023

Easy to use

"On a business trip to London, I urgently needed to call my team back in the States. With eSIMCard, it was as simple as dialing a local number. I was amazed at how easy it was to make an international call without any complex steps or high costs. The clarity of the call was like they were in the same room, not across the ocean."

José García

May 17,2023

Premium Quality Calling

"I remember being at my daughter's graduation in the US and needing to call my parents in Mexico to share the moment. eSIMCard made it feel like they were with us, celebrating. The app was user-friendly, and the call quality was so good that my parents felt like they were part of the ceremony."

Sunita Patel

Aug 23,2023

Excellent Customer Support

"During my stay in Toronto, I had trouble syncing my contacts with eSIMCard. Their support team was a chat away and quickly helped me sort it out. Post that, calling my friends back in India was as easy as calling a neighbor – a real game-changer for international communication."

Carlos Rodríguez

Sep 25,2023

Reliable Services

"Working remotely from Spain, I frequently use eSIMCard for conference calls with my team in the UK. The clarity and reliability of the service make it feel like we're in the same office, not in different countries. It's become an essential tool for my international collaborations."

David Smith

Sep 23,2023


"On a family holiday in the Caribbean, eSIMCard was our lifeline back home. Setting it up was straightforward, and we didn't have to deal with the hassle of traditional calling cards. It made staying in touch with our relatives back home effortless and enjoyable."