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Discover Regional eSIM Options In different Regions

Benefits & Features of Regional eSIMs


Wide Availability

eSIMCard provides coverage in different regions, Including (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania)


Affordable Regional Data Plans

The best Regional eSIM offers the Best regional data plans. Prices of Prepaid Regional eSIMs start from $3.17 With no extra Roaming Charges.


High Speed 5G Internet

Get High-speed 5G internet with the world’s most affordable and flexible data plans. The internet speed will keep your Equation of, Money = Value balanced.


Travel the whole Region with One eSIM

There is no need to change eSIMs in every country, travel the whole region with one eSIM. No more headache of finding and activating eSIM in every country you visit. Especially when you need internet throughout the region.


Multiple options in plans

Data ranges from 1GB to 20GB with a 7 Days to 30 Days validity. So, you can choose data plans according to your data needs, in the region of your need.


Instant set-up and Activation

Setting up and activating Regional eSIM is quite easy, You can instantly activate your data plan. It's perfect for travelers and busy business-related people. It ensures you’re connected when you need a connection.

Why Choose eSIMCard for Regional eSIM

eSIMCard is a top choice among business and leisure travelers for prepaid regional eSIMs. It offers Wide Availability, Affordable Regional Data Plans, High Speed 5G Internet, and Multiple options in plans.

Here is why eSIMCard stands out:

Flexible & Budget-Friendly Plans:
eSIMCard offers the most flexible regional data plans with data ranging from 1GB to 20GB and Validity from 7 to 30 Days. And budget-friendly prepaid plans as it starts from $3.17.
Ease of Use:
The ease of activation and user-friendly interface of the eSIMCard app for the App Store and Play Store make it stand out from the rest.
Exclusive Deals:
eSIMCard offers exclusive deals and Gifts to users including complimentary call minutes, text, and data which come with wide coverage in over 190+ countries.

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Frequently asked questions

A Regional eSIM is one eSIM that covers multiple countries in a single data plan and one eSIM profile. E.g you can visit all the countries that are situated in the European region with a single eSIM profile.

Yes, you can use one eSIM in different countries, but it depends on which eSIM plan you are using, Local eSIM, Regional eSIM, or Global eSIM. You can use local eSIM in 1 country, Regional eSIM in up to 34 countries, and Global eSIM in around 64 countries.

eSIMCard offers service in different regions, Including (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania)

eSIMCard offers different regional eSIM for Europe plans, with a validity of 7 to 30 days and data ranging from 1GB to 20 GB per month. The best-of-the-lot data plan is 10GB for 30 30-day time period, for only $13.03.

eSIMCard offers different Asia Regional eSIM plans, with a validity of 7 to 30 days and data ranging from 1GB to 20 GB per month. The best-of-the-lot data plan is 10GB for 30 30-day time period, for only $34.7.

Regional eSIMs from eSIMCard are Prepaid Regional eSIMs. In prepaid eSIMs, you pay for the data you want to use upfront

What Our Customers Have to Say About eSIMCard

Sarah Jones

Jun 09,2023


"I travelled the whole African Region with eSIMCard’s Regional eSIM for Africa and it didn’t drop the signals for a second. And for around $34, it lasted the whole month enough for my routine office work. If you’re looking for a good connection with affordable rates, I recommend eSIMCard."

Alex Chen

May 17,2023

Reliable eSIM connection

"In Asia, I used to struggle to get a reliable eSIM connection, but that didn’t bother me half of the way. I tried eSIMCard during my visit to Japan, It made my experience worry-free. I usually don’t write reviews but eSIMCard was worth it. Thanks for the services. "

Ava Rodriguez

Aug 23,2023

Affordable eSIM plans

"Living in Europe means a constant struggle to get affordable eSIM plans. Getting 20GB of data in just 21£ for a month was a gift for me. On top, their app is user-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface. Loved it."

Liam Thomas

Sep 25,2023


"I consider myself the most difficult person to make happy. But eSIMCard has done a great job. My job makes me travel across North America, now at least my connection headache is taken care of. Recommended."

Marie Dubois

Sep 23,2023

Cooperative support

"I have been using eSIMCard for the last few months, but I love their customer support, which made me write this review. I got stucked while adding a new data plan to my eSIM, their support team was really cooperative and resolved."

Ethan Kim

Aug 23,202

Saved plenty

"Changing my residence between Australia and Fiji. connectivity always has been an issue for me. Changing SIM Cards and data plans takes some time and money. eSIMCard has saved plenty of that. Would keep using it. "