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How can I check my current data usage? From eSIMCard App and Mobile Settings for iPhone and Android. Follow these simple steps. See more

Steps to use eSIM for iMessage, Open Settings, select Messages, Turn off iMessage, Re-enable it, Adjust send/receive option, Set contact Preference(e-mail) See more

Activate and use the personal hotspot feature with your eSIM on both iOS and Android devices. Step-by-step instructions for enabling tethering, setting APN See more

How do I sign up for an eSIM Card account? Signing Up for eSIMCard account Through the Website/ App for iPhone and Android, here are the steps for both methods See more

How do I know which eSIM is using data? Checking settings for IOS devices, Android devices, and Samsung devices | Step by step process. See more

How do I download the eSIM Card App? Search for the eSIMCard App, Select the Correct App, Download and Install it, and Open it, check compatibility first. See more

Steps for Switching Between an eSIM Profile and a Regular SIM for iPhone and Android Phone, choosing your default voice, Internet, and text line Label your eSIM See more

When Is Identity Verification Required? Verify your identity for eSIM activation in certain countries that require the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. See more

Yes, You can use 5G with your eSIM? But it depends on several factors, including eSIM Support for 5G, 5G Availability, and Device Compatibility for 5G Internet See more

Yes, you can Turn Off or Delete an eSIM from your device quite easily. Instead of permanently deleting your eSIM, you can temporarily disable your eSIM as well See more

Yes, you can receive phone calls on your primary number while using an eSIM. Limitations of using primary number, Call forwarding and data usage tracking See more

Can I install the same eSIM on multiple devices? Well, the answer is Straight No! You can’t Install the same eSIM on Multiple devices. See more

Can I reinstall an eSIM on my Device? Well, the answer is that Re-downloading and activating the same eSIMCard eSIM on the same device is not possible. See more

Can I access all apps and websites with my eSIM mobile data? Accessing Apps and Websites with eSIMCard, Potential Restrictions, and eSIM Data Routing See more

When can I use the same eSIM? When can you Reuse eSIMs and When i should switch eSIMs? Types of eSIMs eSIMCard offers, Data Topup and Roaming Awareness See more

When Can You Install Your eSIMCard eSIM? Types of Activation Policies: Activation Upon Connection, Immediate Activation Before Purchase, After Purchase See more

How Can I Get an eSIM? General Steps for Getting eSIM | Steps to get eSIM from eSIMCard. Signup> Choose eSIM> Select Plan> Checkout> Access eSIM>Install eSIM See more

How to Retrieve Your eSIM ICCID Number with eSIMCard? Through the eSIMCard App ( iOS & Android) and the eSIMCard website. Why you might need ICCID number See more

How can I top up an eSIM? Log in eSIMCard Account >Tap `Refill Now`> Enter Amount >Tap the Green Pay Button > Select Payment Method >Buy whatever plan you want See more